Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Mastopexy explained

The loose skin is removed, and, at the same time, the nipple is repositioned centrally on the new, now firmer breast. If there is only a small amount of breast tissue present, implants can be inserted during the surgery to improve size at the same time.

This operation will always be carried out under general anaesthetic and takes approximately 2 hours. You may have drainage tubes in place that will be removed before you leave the hospital. You will need to return to the rooms for a post-operative appointment to change dressings 7 days after surgery, and will have to return a week later for the stitches to be removed. You will need to stay in hospital overnight and take up to 2 weeks of time off work. To keep the breasts supported, you will be asked to wear a sports bra day and night for 6 weeks post surgery.

There will be scarring to the breast - the amount depending on the severity of the droop, however, it will always involve a scar around the nipple. All scars are pink in the early weeks and they gradually fade to faint white lines.

Following a Mastopexy you may have reduced sensitivity to the nipple and may not be able to breast-feed.

Some of the reasons for undergoing a Mastopexy "Breast Lift":

  • The breasts are no longer firm and pert, making it difficult to wear clothes without a support bra.
  • Following pregnancy and breast-feeding, the breasts become flatter and “empty” looking.
  • Substantial weight loss from dieting can leave the breasts much flatter with a lot of loose skin.
  • Ageing skin loses elasticity and can cause sagging of the breast. If this happens prematurely it may reduce self-confidence both in and out of clothes.

Before your surgery

Dr Kelly may suggest that you stop smoking, if you do, and stop taking the contraceptive pill. This will reduce the risks involved with having a general anaesthetic and stopping smoking will help with the healing process.

You may also need to lose weight to gain the best possible result as well as reduce complications.

You will need to buy a sports bra to take with you to the hospital on the day of your surgery. These are also available from our rooms.

The day of your surgery

Make sure you remember to take your new bra with you to the hospital. Dr Kelly will visit you in the ward before the surgery and will mark your breasts in preparation for surgery and will ask for your final consent for the procedure. If there are any last-minute questions you would like to ask, this would be the time to do so.

When you wake after the surgery you can expect to experience pain and will be prescribed an appropriate painkiller.

On your return to the ward you will be aware that you have your new bra over the dressings and a drain may be in each breast. These drains will be removed before you are discharge from hospital.

You can expect to be in hospital overnight.

Going home

Dr Kelly will advise you in relation to how long to stay off work (this will be approximately 2 weeks depending on your occupation), how long to wear your bra and when you can commence normal activities.

You will need someone to look after you to relieve you of your general chores, such as shopping, household duties and childcare. Please be aware that you will feel tired for the first few weeks following your surgery. Once your scars have healed, you will be able to resume normal sexual activity.

It is important to keep the wounds dry during the early days and leave all the dressings intact until you return for a follow up appointment.

It is very important that you attend the appointments, which have been made for you.

Benefits of Mastopexy

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Ability to wear tops without a bra
  • Wider choice of clothes
  • Feeling more feminine and attractive
  • Rejuvenation of the breasts