Facelifts and Necklifts

Some of the reasons for considering Face Lift surgery:

  • Looseness of the skin and muscles of the face, resulting in wrinkles and folds
  • Visible jowls - no longer a smooth firm jaw line
  • Deep lines in the corner of the mouth, often giving a “sad” look
  • Loose skin and wrinkling to the neck area
  • Lack of self confidence - some people age prematurely and feel that the face does not match the body
  • Substantial weight loss in later life can give the effect of ageing as the skin cannot react as it once did when it was young, and, without the fat, becomes saggy and wrinkly

Facelifts explained

Facelifts involve the removal of excess facial skin from the neck, chin and cheek area. This procedure is performed under general anaesthetic. The scars will be hidden behind your ears or in your hairline and usually fade over time. After the operation you will find that your hairline has been “lifted” and in the case of a man, the beard growth will be closer to, and extend back below the ear.

The procedure will take approximately 3 hours and will require one or two nights in hospital.

After the operation you may experience bruising and swelling around the area. A “tight” feeling and numbness may accompany this. You will be advised to keep all head movements to a minimum during the early days, to avoid straining the stitches. The stitches and clips (if used) will be removed between 1 and 2 weeks post operatively and you will be able to resume your normal day-to-day activities, with a few exceptions.

Before your surgery

Dr Kelly suggests that you stop smoking, if you do, as an important part in assisting the healing process. If you colour your hair, it is advisable to do so before your surgery as it will be several weeks before it will be safe to do so again. Aspirin and arnica can increase the risk of bleeding and is not recommended prior to surgery.

The day of the surgery

Dr Kelly will visit you in the ward to obtain your final consent and mark the face with a pen in preparation for surgery as well as take pre-operative photos. If you have any last-minute questions it is advised that you ask them at this time.

When you wake from the surgery you will have dressings on your face and drainage tubes in place. You will be given painkillers if you need them; however it is not regarded as a painful procedure, rather uncomfortable due to the “tight” feeling. You can expect to be in hospital for 1 – 2 day and any drains will be removed before you leave the hospital.

Going home

During the early days, it is advisable to rest your head propped up and avoid bending, lifting or sudden movements of the head. You will be advised on when you can wash your hair and this will help to make the removal of the stitches easier.

It is important that you attend the appointments that have been scheduled for you. It is possible to return to work once the stitches have been removed and the bruising and swelling have settled.

Benefits of a Face Lift

  • Increased self confidence
  • Easier application of make-up
  • Feeling rejuvenated and fresher
  • Able to wear clothes with lower necklines – no longer the need to hide behind a scarf/high neck

Will a Face Lift last?

Yes –for many years, however we cannot stop the ageing process and it may be necessary to repeat surgery. Substantial weight loss, sun damage and stress will all reduce the longevity of the results.

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