Lightsheer Laser Hair Removal

How does it work?

The Lightsheer 800 nm diode laser system is proven to be safe and effective for the removal of unwanted hair. The laser energy is delivered to the skin surface by means of a  sapphire chill tip, providing greater comfort by cooling the skin before, during and after treatment. It also offers improved results, and the ability to safely treat darker skin, Type IV and V.

The technology targets pigment in the hair follicle in order to destroy or damage the hair root, it therefore does not work well on light hair pigments, such as white, blonde or grey.

Lightsheer Laser Hair Removal Treatment

How many sessions do I need?

 With hair being at its different stages of growth, and hair follicles being most susceptible to laser light energy in their active growth phase, it is advisable to have a few treatments in order to achieve the best results.  An average of2-3 sessions is usually recommended.


This laser system has been FDA cleared for hair reduction as well as pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) or what is commonly referred to as razor bumps.